Welcome Cub Scouts 2015 - 16 

First off I would like to welcome everyone to the start of our new year.  We have our first pack meeting on Monday night 9/15 starting at 6:30pm.  Pack meetings typically end around 7:45 to 8pm.  If you know of anyone that wants to sign up, we will have signups at 6:30pm.  If you haven’t paid the dues for the upcoming year, you can do so at signups.  The cost is $55 per individual scout and $45 per scout for families with multiple scouts.

Our September Pack Meeting will consist of introductions, information about the Church (parking, scout room), upcoming year events, Candy Sale incentive, and the importance of the Parent Planning Meetings.


As in previous years, we will be handing out boxes of candy to sell this month.  Each scout will be given 3 boxes of candy, 30 candy bars in each box; each candy bar is $1. It is fine and encouraged if a scout wants to take and sell more than 3 boxes.  All proceeds from our fundraiser help with various pack activities like, patches, awards, entertainment, etc.  Please remember that this is the one and only fundraiser of the year, the better job we do, the better the activities we will be throughout the year.  The scouts will get awards based on the quantity they sell plus donations they receive. 

Our committee meets each month to review how things went the previous month and plan and schedule upcoming events like the hikes and sleepovers.  Current members are:

Rick Nelson,Cubmaster                                                                                                              Julio Vaca – Asst. Cubmaster                                                     
Bryan Fabbri – Advancement                            
Randy Brown – ReChartering                            
Allan Stratton – Treasurer           
Chris Newman - Advisor
We always welcome new members and encourage parent involvement.  Please remember, Cub Scout is a Parent Driven Organization, without parent volunteers, Pack 712 cannot run or succeed!  The Parent Planning Meetings are where all decisions are made on how Pack 712 runs and what activities and trips occur. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Rick Nelson
Cubmaster, Pack 712

Cub Scouting Means "Doing"

We will be adding more dates to the Calendar as we plan additional outings.

Pack 712 Wakefield-MA